Misplaced ‘news’ article

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As a former journalist and news editor, I was shocked, but not surprised, to see the story by Lincoln High School teacher Alex Joe, published as a news article in The Lincoln News Messenger (“Why the re-election of Obama is important to America,” page A8, Feb. 7). It rightfully belonged on the editorial page.

This published propaganda was chosen to appear as it did by the liberal editor, Carol Feineman, who hails from the left wing Bay Area of California. Her publisher, Gold Country Publishing, is well recognized for its liberal leanings as well.

The only part of Alex Joe’s full-page piece that qualified as news concerned his trip to Washington to see the presidential inauguration. The rest was opinion, just that, his opinion, and, as stated above should have been printed on the editorial page.

In praising President Obama, neither, Joe or Feineman, must be able to read a financial report stating that the U.S. is $16 trillion in debt and climbing.

And, in foreign affairs, Obama has a deaf ear to the problems in the Mid East, to the Fast and Furious Gun Program on the border of Mexico, and to the disaster in Benghazi. The list goes on.

Let’s excuse President Obama. After all, he hails from the politically corrupt city of Chicago and near bankrupt state of Illinois. But who cares?

Anyone for a round of golf?

C. Betty Norman, Lincoln