Mia Guzman will see her latest efforts succeed Friday

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Name: Mia Guzman Age: 35 City: Lincoln Job: Community volunteer/stay-at-home mom Family: Husband Gavino; and daughters Myrabel , 18, Gabby, 16, and Mercedes, 11. Mia Guzman, this year?s Lincoln Sober Grad Night committee president, said donations of water, soda and energy drinks are still needed for this Friday?s event. Those items can be dropped off at McBean Pavilion any time today or Friday. Guzman can be reached at 667-4499. What do you do for a living? After 12 years of being in the real estate market, I decided to take the time to focus on what?s most important to me, which is my family, my community and organizations like Relay for Life and Sober Grad. Have you enjoyed that? When I got into real estate, it was because I knew it had a flexible schedule but I still found myself putting in 60 hours a week. I?ve gotten to spend so much more time with them (daughters) and I?ve gotten to know them on individual levels. I?m able to spend more time with my girls and with my dad, who retired two years ago. Why do you like to be involved with organizations like Relay for Life and Sober Grad? Like most people, I have personal reasons. With Relay, we lost my sister-in-law to cancer and my aunt is a survivor. For Sober Grad, I?m doing it because of my nephew, who was killed in a drunk driving accident in 2006. If we can save one student?s life, all these hours I put into this is worth it because of the pain that you go through with losing a child, since he (nephew) was like my son. Will you continue working on Sober Grad after this year? My nephew is graduating in 2013, so yes, I?m going to help out. I started helping out two years ago, knowing I would want to help her (daughter Myrabel) senior year. So I jumped on the committee to shadow the president and see what it took. I think I?ll always help, whether it be on the food committee or decorations committee. What have you liked about being involved with Sober Grad? I think it?s a great cause, the kids love it and you get to meet so many people. How would you describe working on this year?s Sober Grad? I would say hectic and definitely challenging in today?s economy. Hectic because there are so many subcommittees you have to work with, from donations to grants to decorating and working with the city and insurance. How many hours do you think you?ve put in so far? I started working in August and I would say right now per week at least 30 hours. It?s definitely a full-time job. I love it and I wouldn?t change it. What?s the farthest you?ve driven to get donations? That was Tuesday morning at 6:45 a.m. I was at the Campbell ?s warehouse on Franklin Boulevard in Sacramento . I was in high heels at the loading dock picking up juice, Goldfish Crackers and vanilla graham crackers for the senior?s goodie bags. How long have you lived in Lincoln ? For 35 years. I was born and raised here, born at Roseville Hospital and I?ve never left. We love being here. What?s changed in Lincoln since you were a child? It?s definitely more diverse and there?s more to do, since there are more parks and restaurants. All we had was the Round Table and Chevron. Round Table was where Walmart is going and it had a juke box. Everybody hung out there or out in the country. Little Big Town has a song called ?Boondocks? and it reminds me of Lincoln then. It talks about the whistle of the train and fishing. What would you like to say to Myrabel , who will graduate Friday? I would probably just say that although I?ll miss her, I want her to chase her dreams, never look back and know she can always come home to Lincoln . I?m proud of her. If you would like to see a neighbor or friend featured here, please e-mail or call Stephanie Dumm at 774-7967