"Men in Black III" is a return to fun

Movie review
By: Frank Miller Special To The News Messenger
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?Men in Black III? Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin Rating: Four out of five stars ?Men in Black III? is a return to fun By Frank Miller Special To The News Messenger After nearly four years away from the spotlight, Will Smith returns to theaters as Agent J in the alien action sequel, ?Men in Black III.? The original ?Men in Black? was a surprise hit back in 1997, but the sequel was a major letdown. With so much time having passed, it was difficult to imagine that capping off a trilogy would be successful. While it doesn?t quite reach the heights of the original film, ?Men in Black III? is a return to form not just for the franchise but for Smith as well. The story has Agent J going back in time to prevent his partner being killed by a ruthless alien known as Boris the Animal. While Tommy Lee Jones returns as J?s partner, Agent K, we really spend more time with his younger counterpart, Josh Brolin. Brolin?s performance as a young K is the most impressive special effect in the entire movie. He nails the accent, mannerisms and demeanor of Jones while softening him ever so slightly, peeling off layers of cynicism and remorse. The chemistry between Smith and Brolin is so strong that you almost wish they had another movie to play off one another. Smith is in fine form, once again returning to the cocky, quick-witted type of character that shot him into stardom in the first place. Watching him command the screen is a familiar comfort that audiences have been deprived of for too long. Everything else you expect from a ?Men in Black? movie is in place. There?s plenty of humor, terrific special effects and this time they?ve managed to piece together a decent story. It?s not going to take anyone by surprise but it?s certainly better than it deserves to be. ?Men in Black III? is just plain fun and that alone makes it worth your time at the theaters. Frank Miller is a Sacramento writer.