This member appreciates all of Team Lincoln

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Thank you for the editorial in last week’s edition (Jan. 13, “Augustine gives council proposal to reduce General Fund deficit”) regarding the General Fund budget deficit reduction proposal I presented at the Jan. 11th City Council meeting. While I appreciate the coverage, I would like to acknowledge that I am not alone in the effort to assist the council in reducing the deficit and putting forth a more responsible budget. Team Lincoln is comprised of many bright, concerned citizens with wide backgrounds in business, law, and government. Rich MacKirdy, Chuck Schmidt and Terrie Robinson are only a few who have spent countless hours researching information from a variety of sources, including city staff. I could not begin to name all the folks who contribute to our efforts. The Team now has hundreds of people signed to our website and who offer suggestions and expertise. The team was formed last year by a group of 10 people who “got involved” while attending Tea Party meetings. Jim Macauley brought to our attention the considerable waste of city finances and unrealistic spending policies. That’s when 10 of us decided to do something. Soon, the 10 expanded and became Team Lincoln. Subsequent to the four budget meetings, city management proposed and the council approved Measure K (the utility tax), as a solution to the city’s financial problems. Team Lincoln disagreed. Measure K was defeated in November. By the combined efforts of many people, I was given information, which led to the plan called the “Augustine Plan” (an alternative to Measure K which the council declined to pursue) as well as the proposal I made to the council last week. I’d like to thank all the members of Team Lincoln and encourage them to continue to work to make Lincoln the kind of city we’re proud to call home. Tom Augustine, Lincoln