Measure J supporters need to tell whole story

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I have received two mailings from “Yes on Measure J”. The mailings are full of nice platitudes talking about all the goodies we get if we vote for Measure J. Measure J people fail to tell us Measure J is a $163 million property-tax increase that taxpayers will be paying over the next 40 years. They also fail to tell us Western Placer Unified School District currently has $287 million in school bond construction debt that the taxpayers are paying back, by higher taxes, over the next 40 years. But the $287 million was not enough so they want another $163 million. They also do not tell us about the Placer County Grand Jury Report on Western Placer Unified School District, saying they are on a “fiscally irresponsible path”. Why not tell us that Western Placer Unified School District spent $5 million for new, luxurious, administration offices. I wonder how many taxpayers sit in $5 million offices, yet you pay taxes so Western Placer Unified School District administrators can lounge in $5 million offices. The Measure J people need to tell the whole story. Be proud; tell everyone Measure J is a tax increase. Sandy Campbell, Lincoln