Mawhinney back on top at All American Speedway

By: Jeannie Broussal, Special to The Press Tribune
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After finishing second five times this year, Late Model driver Jonathan Mawhinney picked up his second win of the season Saturday at All American Speedway in Roseville. 


Mawhinney, operating from the outside of the front row, took the lead on lap one and led all 50 laps to take the checkered flag.  Matt Scott finished second, with Bobby Grewohl in third and Shannon fourth.  Scott and Mawhinney are now tied for first place in the point standings.


In Modified racing, Scott Winters qualified on the pole with a 76.520 lap.  With the invert, Jason Philpot started from the inside of row one with Josh Brock.  On lap three, Gary Glenn took the lead but Winters took the front for two laps beginning with lap 16 before Glenn went by him once again,


On lap 23, Winters got the lead back and went on to take the checkered flag on lap 40.  Glenn finished second, Philpot third, Wes Miller fourth and Brock fifth.


Cody Rickard grabbed the pole for Bomber racing with a 67.584 lap.  With the invert, Mark Anderson started first and David Thompson was on the outside of row one. Thompson went to the front on lap one and on lap five, Jim McGinnis took the top spot.  It was McGinnis, Rickard and Thompson leading the pack for the rest of the race finishing one, two, three.


Mickey Owens qualified number one in Street Stocks, followed by Chris Lambert, Richard Poppert, Jr. and Matt Cockrum.  Cockrum started on the inside of row one and Kevin Owens was on the outside.  Lambert took the lead on lap eight before Cockrum took it back on lap nine.  On lap 33, Lambert took the lead again and on lap 36, Mickey Owens moved up to second.  Lambert took the checkered flag on lap 38 followed by Mickey Owens, Kevin Owens, Cockrum and Dave Silva.


There will be no regular racing at All American Speedway on June 26 as the Placer County Fair comes to the fairgrounds. Regular racing will resume July 2. 



1. No. 17 Jonathan Mawhinney

2. No. 35 Matt Scott

3. No. 20 Bobby Grewohl

4. No. 12 Tim Smith

5. No. 61 Shannon Mansch

6. No. 51 Chris Scribner

7. No. 24 Tyler Thomas

8. No. 31 Justin Henry

9. No. 65 Roger Davison



1. No. 24 Scott Winters

2. No. 50 Gary Glenn

3. No. 15 Jason Philpot

4. No. 57 Wes Miller

5. No. 21 Josh Brock

6. No. 7 Nik Romano

7. No. 90 Trevor Cristiani

8. No. 77 Michael Ostrowski

9. No. 22 Troy Nagosek

10. No. 2 Ryan Peter

11. No. 1 Rick Anable

12. No. 12 David Crouch

13. No. 37 Rick Avila

14. No. 33 Bud Anderson

15. No. 3 Nick Bonachea

16. No. 39 Luke Kaper

17. No. 5 Jason Bamberg

18. No. 11 Rick Anderson



1. No. 3 Jim McGinnis

2. No. 24 Cody Rickard

3. No. 37 David Thompson

4. No. 92 Mark Anderson

5. No. 52 Matt Camp

6. No. 77 Erick Ray

7. No. 23 Eric Bocksberger

8. No. 73 Gary Eisenhour

9. No. 89 Kenny Beaumont

10. No. 74 Terry Thomas, Jr.

11. No. 39 Luke Kaper

12. No. 12 Denise Lambert

13. No. 15 Roger Ward, Jr.



1. No. 50 Chris Lambert

2. No. 08 Mickey Owens

3. No. 21 Kevin Owens

4. No. 8 Matt Cockrum

5. No. 86 Dave Silva

6. No. 23 Richard Poppert, Jr.

7. No. 71 Randy Owens

8. No. 77 Ray Mood

9. No. 2 Mel Wilson

10. No. 14 Wayne Crossland

11. No. 22 Evan Perry

12. No. 66 Joseph Colorado

13. No. 33 Michael Gorham

14. No. 48 Earl Lee

15. No. 25 Dave Sciaronni

16. No. 15 John Ulery

17. No. 20 Mario Davis

18. No. 80 Bryan Tomerrasson

19. No. 07 Travis Henry

20. No. 31 Jim McGinnis

21. No. 79 Eric Martinez

22. No. 92 Mark Anderson

23. No. 16 Gary Campora