Master Chief’s story continues

Halo 4 Single Player Review
By: By Brett A. Dargan, Special to The News Messenger
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     Four years ago, we said goodbye to Master Chief in Halo 3. After finally destroying the flood and defending Earth from the Covenant, Master Chief left with one phrase, “Wake me when you need me.”

      Now four years in the future, Cortana, your faithful A.I. companion, has awoken you from your cryo sleep to investigate what’s been going on outside of your destroyed ship. 

     Not surprisingly enough, you find out that it’s the Covenant. But what is surprising is the giant metal planet you’re orbiting.

    I’m not going to go too much farther into the story since there are tons of spoilers to be said but what I can reveal is that the story does not disappoint. Following very closely to the books (yes that’s right, Halo has a book series), 343 Industries does a tremendously good job at picking up where Bungie left off.

   With an equal intrigue to action ratio, the story adds to the story of Master Chief and reveals new insight on his past and future. However, Cortana also plays a large role in the story.

     A.I.’s, or Artificial Intelligence, deteriorate after six to seven years, and Master Chiefs A.I., Cortana, has been around for eight years.

   As Cortana literally thinks herself to death, Master Chief has to save her too, along with humanity, again.

   With the threat of losing your greatest ally, you also meet a new foe, the Prometheans. In my opinion, they’re the toughest enemies yet. If you’re hiding behind cover to try to get your shields to recharge, they’ll come after you to try to finish you off., not very typical of a normal enemy. They also bring new weapons and armor abilities to the table.

   However, there is some lacking diversity in the weapons. The weapons are basically a remake of the UNSC guns but just a little bit better.

     The campaign overall looks amazing. With new graphics and breathtaking cinematic scenes, sometimes you can’t tell if it’s live-action or just the game.

   In tandem with the new graphics are the new sounds. The sounds for all the guns have changed, along with the vehicles. Some guns sound more powerful while some sound a bit weaker. The Warthog, a vehicle in the game, sounds more like a warthog than a jeep. The Banshee, a flying vehicle, sounds a lot more fluid and lethal than it did in previous games. All of these factors help immerse you in the game, amplifying the great story and making it even better.

     343 Industries really puts its best effort into making Halo 4 maybe one of the best Halo games yet. To nostalgic and hardcore fans of the franchise, this game would feel like a well-needed wake-up call. With new graphics, sounds, and engine, Halo 4 is definitely a good buy and will probably never leave my sight for long.

  As for the multiplayer, I will cover that next week along with the new features the game has to offer. Receiving an 87 percent from Metacritic , a 9.8/10 from IGN, and a personal 9.4/10 , Halo 4 beats out a lot of competition this year for best game, an in my opinion, may win best shooter.


Brett A. Dargan is a Lincoln High School senior and a Zebra Tales newspaper writer.