March gardening tips to make your garden and vegetables grow

By: Jennifer Miner Special to Inside Lincoln
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Flower Hut Nursery Where: 603 4th St., Wheatland Open: Wednesdays through Mondays Info: (530) 633-4526 By Jennifer Miner Special to Inside Lincoln Gardening in March in Northern California can be challenging at times. It is a month of transition … we could have beautiful weather or very cold or rainy weather. The best approach is to garden with a bit of caution. On the first really sunny weekend, everyone wants to start their veggie garden and the first on the list is tomatoes and peppers. However, you must resist the urge! It is still too early to plant warm weather vegetables. But there are many other vegetables that you can plant this month. Before you begin, take the time to prepare your soil by adding processed manure, compost or peat moss. These additives should be used every year to replenish the soil after the previous season’s vegetable production. March is a good month to plant perennial veggies such as asparagus, artichokes, rhubarb, and horseradish. Also peas, beans, carrots, beets, radish, and leafy veggies can be planted. Don’t forget to plant your potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day … the best time to plant these yummy easy-to- grow vegetables. Chores for the rest of your garden should include pruning and fertilizing your roses, cutting back some of your perennials and spreading a good all-purpose fertilizer around trees and shrubs. Planting bareroot fruit trees, roses and berries is a good idea for March too. One important chore for March would be weed control. There is still time to use a pre-emergent (weed killer that prevents weed seeds from growing). This will give you a head start on the battle against the weeds! Lawns should be fertilized and, if needed, this is a good time to thatch and reseed areas of your lawn that may need a little boost. Need a little color to brighten your spring days? Then plant some spring blooming annuals and perennials. You can also divide and transplant your summer blooming perennials and plant summer blooming bulbs to insure a bright and colorful summer! Beware this is the snails’ favorite time of year with nice fresh green growth sprouting throughout your yard so spread snail bait liberally! Enjoy the sun on the sunny days but also the rainy days because the hot days of summer are just around the corner! Jennifer Miner owns the Flower Hut Nursery.