Mandy Walker’s back

She’s assistant director of recreation
By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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After taking the Golden Handshake this October, Mandy Walker is back working with the city as assistant director of recreation. The Golden Handshake is an early retirement option provided by the California Public Employee Retirement System City Manager Jim Estep said Walker will work part-time, “to help up with budgeting for (the) recreation (department.)” “She has so many years of experience and has all of the background with the programs involved,” Estep said Tuesday. Estep said he “does not know how long Walker will work with the city because it will depend on what the budget looks like for next year and what the recreation department looks like.” Assistant City Manager Anna Jatczak said Walker will work as an hourly employee, “a few days a week, as needed.” Walker has been back with the city since Dec. 13. Jatczak was asked by The News Messenger for how much Walker is being paid by the hour. The assistant city manager/CFO e-mailed that she didn’t know Walker’s salary per hour “off the top of my head,” saying that she would have to check with human resources to find that number out. On Wednesday, Jatczak told The News Messenger that Walker will make $44.88 an hour, and will not receive benefits from the city. It is unknown how many hours per week Walker will work. “We are seeing what the needs are, which may vary from week to week,” Jatczak said. Jatczak said Walker’s job duties will be “the same as when she was here...with an emphasis on developing the 2011-2012 budget.” Those duties include administrative functions, such as performance appraisals, as well as “developing recreation’s work plan for 2011-2012,” according to Jatczak. “Mandy is the one who is familiar with preparing the budget for recreation, including the fee schedule,” Jatczak said. Walker retired from the city on Oct. 8, taking the Golden Handshake, according to previous News Messenger reports. Walker earned a salary of $93,000 in 2009, according to previous News Messenger reports. Walker could not be reached for comment by press time.