Maggie McGurk’s art led her to Clint Eastwood and Gray Davis

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Name: Maggie McGurk Age: 66 Job: Retired/artist City: Lincoln Family: Two sons Learn more about Maggie McGurk by visiting Why do you belong to the Lincoln Hills Wearable Arts group? Because they inspire me to do so many things. I’ve always loved doing wearable arts, even when I was working as a photographer I would enhance my clothes and embellish them. What is wearable art? It’s being creative. Anything you can think of. You can go to a thrift store and get something worn out and make it into something beautiful. What kind of wearable art do you make? I like sparkles. Everything I do has a little bit of sparkle in it. When some of my clothes get worn, I make it into wearable art. I paint them and put trim on them. Why does everything you do have sparkles in it? Because I really like sparkles and glitter stuff. Why did you choose duct tape as a medium? Because people like it and because it’s unusual and very practical. It’s so easy to make and really nice to have. What do you make with duct tape? I make three bags. One bag is a phone necklace so you can get to your phone right away in an emergency and it holds your keys. The second bag is for your wallet and glasses. The third bag is for groceries: you walk out of the store with bags on each side so you’re balanced. What did you do for a living before retiring? I’ve always worked as a photographer. I went to nursing school and graduated and worked on call for a hospital. My son had an interest in photography and he would take beautiful scenic photography. He had a camera and I wanted to teach him how to use it so I took a beginning photography class at Sac State. I ended up taking art and photography classes and got degrees in both. Where did you work? The first photo I sold was to the Sacramento Union and I’ve sold stuff to the Sacramento Bee and started to work for Sacramento Magazine. I was the personal photographer for Gray Davis when he was in office. I worked for him until he was out of office. It was never during the day. It would be for events he would attend at night. I was told you met Clint Eastwood. How did that happen? I had photographed a gold tournament and a reception afterward that was at his home. What was he like? He seemed like a really nice man. If you would like to see a neighbor or friend featured here, please e-mail or call Stephanie Dumm at 774-7967.