Loved that April 1 issue

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Excellent! Great paper (News Messenger, April 1). Took me over an hour to read it all ... I especially enjoyed Stan Nader’s article and the new Kathy Dorsey’s piece each week. Loved reading about Dilian’s and the singer, Kally Pile. Thanks for the news on the vets buying the memorials and the special article on Bob Hansen. All the info on the high school’s 15-Minute activities, the elementary kids’ marathons ... Rotary’s and Friends of Lincoln kids’ as well as the chamber. Good coverage of budget information and presentations around town ... Jim Estep’s responses about the library ... The Feats of Clay activities and needs ... Good questions for people on the street .... the Inside Lincoln and Active Living Lively After 55 inserts ... The heart units at Kaiser and Sutter, David Lightfoot’s ride ... upcoming events ... I always share the crime report with my neighbors on my neighborhood watch ... All the informative ads and coupons are great... Everything was interesting ... I’ve probably forgotten something ... Thank you for a great, informative, relevant paper! And at this time, may I ask you to add the Poets Club of Lincoln Open Mike April 11 from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Willow Room at the Twelve Bridges Library. All interested are welcome ... in the events section of the next paper. Thanks again for all you do. See ya around town. What fun to live in Lincoln! Fran Neves, Lincoln