Loomis runner narrowly escapes being hit in crash

By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Editor
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A Loomis woman narrowly escaped being hit when a vehicle heading towards her lost control on a curve on Horseshoe Bar Road. Inez Ascona was taking her daily run on Monday, May 14, at about 5:15 p.m., when a car driven by a Lincoln teen lost control at about Leak Lane and ended up on the dirt shoulder heading right at her. ?It went into the dirt straight at me. If it would have continued on it would have plowed me over,? Ascona said. ?It was surreal.? She said the vehicle was a car-length away from her on the gravel shoulder and the driver overcorrected sending the car back onto the road, across the other lane and into a dirt embankment, where it rolled over. She said she expected injuries to the occupants, but said teens started coming out of the car and before she could help them she had to turn to direct other cars coming onto the scene. Ascona said of the occupants,?I?m surprised they aren?t all dead. They were going too fast.? Highway Patrol officer Steve Johnson investigated the accident and said excessive speed on unfamiliar roads was the cause. Johnson said four Lincoln teens were in the vehicle and one was transported to the hospital complaining of neck pain. He said the others were uninjured. ?The vehicle ran off the road, over-corrected, spun around, hit the embankment and rolled over,? Johnson said. David Beseler, of Loomis, witnessed the accident from a property that borders Horseshoe Bar Road. He said he heard the screeching tires, and watched what he called a ?slow crash? before calling 911. He said a female ?was freaking out? when she exited the overturned car through the window. He estimated that Highway Patrol was on the scene in about three minutes after he made the call. ?It was a quick response,? Beseler said. He said traffic on the road was completely stopped for a period of time for the ambulance and tow truck. According to CHP Officer Dave Montijo, the driver of the vehicle was Nicolas Golden, 18, of Lincoln.