Local goes for pro status at Thunder Valley WBFF show

Competition could open doors
By: Jim Linsdau/News Messenger/Placer Herald Sports Editor
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Thunder Valley will host the World Bodybuilding Fitness Federation?s 2012 California Championships July 21 where one local fitness trainer hopes to earn pro status. Former Lincoln resident and Del Oro graduate Jason Salinas could get the break of his life this weekend in the bodybuilding competition. The WBFF California Championships offer contestants the chance to earn professional ranking. That allows them to compete in other competitions for top prize money. For men, the WBFF has three categories of competition ?Fitness Model, Muscle Model and Bodybuilding. The women compete in ? Diva Bikini Model, Diva Fitness Model and Womans Figure. Salinas thinks he will either be placed in Mens Muscle or Mens Bodybuilding. After graduating from Del Oro where he played both football and baseball, Salinas attended Sierra College. He continued playing sports but his interests turned to working out. ?When I started working at the gym across the street from Sierra College I really got intrigued with learning the different styles of weight training,? said Salinas from his gym S and B Elite Fitness at 1100 Melody Lane in Roseville. ?I realized it?s really about learning and finding out how to customize something for the individual?s needs not my needs.? He said he started doing orientations and that got the ball rolling for his career. He eschewed his pursuit of becoming a child psychologist to learn more about helping people become fit. He eventually became a personal trainer and found he was quite good at it. He continued his education and athletic endeavors at Sierra College while working out of a client?s makeshift gym. When his clientele began to dwindle he went to work for 24 Hour Fitness. ?At that time, 24 Hour Fitness was actually very well known for great trainers,? Salinas said. ?There wasn?t very many of them around and all the great trainers flocked to 24 Hour (Fitness).? Salinas said he was doing well at 24 Hour Fitness and began living the food life. He said he didn?t put his life back on track until an apartment fire robbed him of nearly everything he owned. He decided it was time to get serious and he worked his way up to fitness manager in the company. He was the first newly promoted fitness manager to be assigned to a brand new facility. His income tripled and he was eventually named Fitness Manager of the Year. His upward climb was stalled when he was transferred to a different club when 24 Hour Fitness decided to expand. ?They went from about 300 clubs to about 3,000 clubs worldwide,? said Salinas. ?That devalued the value of the trainer. In order to show their investors they were making money they had started cutting the comp plans and the payroll to all the good employees they once had and people just started leaving left and right.? Salinas left 24 Hour Fitness shortly after that and started his own training facility. He built his reputation as someone who not only knew his profession but knew how to modify it to the needs of each client. He started doing before-and-after plans so his customers could actually see their work paying off. As a licensed nutritional technician he now combines nutrition with training and sets his clients on a software program they can use. He?s also careful that his clients experience a permanent change in their lives. ?I try never use the word diet,? said Salinas. ?Diet is something you do short term and if this is truly going to be a lifestyle you?ve got to get away from people?s mentality thinking like that.? A little over 10 years ago, Salinas decided to enter a bodybuilding contest for fun. He wasn?t interested in extreme bodybuilding but wanted the experience and the marketing advantages the shows offered. He decided to enter the Sacramento invitational bodybuilding show. By the third year, Salinas placed first and then took some time off to spend time with his children. When he returned to doing shows he won in Tahoe and Natomas events. In the Natomas competition he won the overall title and that was when he was introduced to the WBFF. The California Championships is the only show WBFF does in California. ?This is a pro qualifier,? Salinas said. ?If you win this, you become a pro. And just knowing the different categories (offered) it?s more of my body style.? Salinas said, as a pro he probably wouldn?t compete the first year. He would continue with his fitness center but the prestige of being a pro bodybuilder would certainly be an advantage for him. He?s hoping that with the help of his family and friends he will do well at Thunder Valley and take that next big step in his career. If he doesn?t, at 38 he said he?s still in the best shape of his life. Thunder Valley Casino Presents The WBFF 2012 California Championships July 21, tickets are on sale now Call (916) 408-7777 for ticket information Visit or