"The Little Mermaid" will intrigue the most adult of us

By: Carol Feineman News Messenger Editor
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Know and Go: What: Music Circus presents ?The Little Mermaid When: Tuesday through July 22. 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays; 8 p.m., Thursdays through Saturdays and 2 p.m. Thursdays and Saturdays. Where: Wells Fargo Pavilion, 1419 H St., Sacramento Admission: Tickets start at $30. Tickets: 557-1999 or go to Wells Fargo Pavilion box office, 15th and H streets. Also available at ?The Little Mermaid? will intrigue the most adult of us By Carol Feineman News Messenger Editor Although ?The Little Mermaid? was originally a Disney movie for children, the Music Circus production that opened Tuesday is basically a love story. That?s according to Jessica Grové, who stars as Ariel in the West Coast premiere of this play. ?First of all, a lot of adults will remember when they were a little younger and still believed in fairy tales,? Grové said. ?The costumes are stunning. All the mermaid tails are made out of gorgeous silk. It is not cartoony. (Artistic Director) Glenn Casale has made this more of the Hans Christian Anderson story. It?s a real love story, it?s beautiful.? Wanting more out of life than living under the sea, young mermaid Ariel visits the human world above. She soon discovers a handsome prince, falls in love and is faced with life-changing choices. Grovés favorite part of playing Ariel is the mermaid?s growing appreciation of the new world unfolding before her. ?For me, Ariel has a sense of wonderment, almost like a child discovering anything for the first time,? Grové said. ?She has such an appreciation of every little treasure she finds in the human world. She has such a longing to understand and be part of that world. She has that sense of wonderment that we lose when we grow up and forget how incredible life can be, how beautiful things are, and every day, we?re so lucky to be breathing air. It?s a good reminder about life.? That sounds like very adult themes. Grové?s favorite part of the play is when Ariel begins to discover her true self. ?I like the moment when Ariel becomes human for three days,? Grové said. ?She has legs for the first time and doesn?t know how to use them. It?s neat when a giraffe is born and they stand for the first time and they keep falling. ? Playing Ariel has been a longtime dream of Grové?s. ?I grew up with this movie and acted out the role in my swimming pool, in my living room as an 8- or 9-year-old,? she said. ?I remember my family had ordered a pizza and I had a karaoke track to ?Part of Your World. I remember as the pizza boy brought the pizza to the door, I started singing, hoping I?d be discovered.? Fast forward to this month and Grové is singing the hit Broadway musical songs before Sacramento audiences. The song and dance genres are varied, from tap dancing, samba dance to doo wop. Besides favorites such as ?Under the Sea? and ?Kiss the Girl,? according to Grové, additional songs are being premiered in the Music Circus production. ?They?re continuing improving it. The writers have been working with our artistic director (Casale),? Grové said. ?He worked on this production in Holland ? in Dutch ? and literally just got back. ?The Little Mermaid? is touring in Europe right now.? What also struck Grové is that ?The Little Mermaid? can be enjoyed by all family members, ?It will be a memorable experience for parents, children, grandchildren nieces and nephews,? she added. The 62nd Music Circus season continues with ?The Music Man? (July 31 ? Aug. 5), ?Fiddler on the Roof? (Aug. 14 ? 19) and ?Crazy for You? (Aug. 28 ? Sept. 2). For more information, visit