Lincoln's not a quiet city at night anymore

By: Carol Feineman, Editor
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I experienced a double-header in hearing music Friday at our local casino and then at Beermann?s Restaurant. And I realized that Lincoln isn?t so quiet at night anymore. The city is on its way to becoming alive with music options. That?s great for Lincoln! When I moved to Lincoln three years ago, I didn?t have many entertainment options to choose from unless I traveled elsewhere. I had to visit Sacramento, Roseville or Nevada City to get my at-least weekly music fix. All of a sudden, it seems, I don?t have to leave Lincoln to find nightlife. A few local venues within a mile or so of each other are now hosting musical acts every week. With our normal everyday busy routines, it?s easy to overlook Lincoln?s new entertainment options. But it?s important to publicly acknowledge our new options. Because we want Lincoln?s nightlife to flourish. And it?s good to take a break from our daily routines, if just for a few hours, to let loose and have some fun. It?s healthy to escape your everyday concerns for awhile. So what?s happening lately in Lincoln? For starters, Sterling Café hosts an outstanding karaoke night not only every Thursday but also every Saturday. I never knew that karaoke music could be so enjoyable and easy to dance to and that Lincoln had such good dancers. Plus all ages can sing in any genre in Sterling Café?s friendly, laid-back environment. And Beermann?s Restaurant, which opened a few months ago, now competes with Lincoln?s previously only bar, Dillian?s Bar & Grill, one block away. Dillian?s has also upped its entertainment choices. Beerman?s opened a nightclub upstairs and now has live music nights that includes blues Wednesdays, rock Fridays and country Saturdays. Then there?s Thunder Valley Casino, which is celebrating its second summer amphitheater series. Concerts by headliners are also held inside the Pano Hall and cover bands entertain during weekends near the casino gaming tables. My first Thunder Valley amphitheater concert last weekend featured the Steve Miller Band. The casino is bringing in some big names this summer, including Creed, Smokey Robinson, ZZ Top, Diana Krall and REO Speedwagon, entertainers who are in demand in major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Lincoln?s outdoor venue is small enough so that every seat has a good line of vision. Plus the security guards had no problem Friday with letting fans dance in the aisles. In other concert venues, the guards would march the fans back to their seats. I thought the weekend in Lincoln couldn?t get any better after seeing the Steve Miller Band outside the casino. But I was wrong. I planned to stop at Beermann?s Restaurant and see the Apple Z band Friday play two songs. I ended up staying for two sets. Lead singer/guitarist Scott Rodell had so much energy besides incredible vocals and show-off guitar playing. He was like Mick Jagger after several energy drinks as he slid on the floor or rhythmically danced on his toes. Last week, I heard from two friends that Neil Young was going to play at Thunder Valley Casino. So I asked Doug Elmets, the casino?s spokesman, if he could set up an interview with the singer of one of my all-time favorite songs, ?Cinnamon Girl.? Unfortunately, there will be no interview in the near future. Elmets told me that Young does not have a Thunder Valley Casino concert. ?Neil Young is not coming to Thunder Valley. It must be a wild rumor run amok,? Elmets e-mailed me Friday night. But who knows? If we keep getting good acts in Lincoln, like we?re now experiencing, maybe Young will consider stopping in Lincoln. Let?s support our local entertainment venues so the headliners will want to play to such receptive audiences.