Lincoln Youth Football and Cheer underway

Jamboree scheduled for Aug 13
By: Jim Linsdau Lincoln News Messenger Sports
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Monday marked the beginning of practice for Lincoln Youth Football and Cheer (LYFC) as the summer season begins to merge with fall. Players ages 6-14 ran onto the practice field in anticipation of another football season. Unlike the NFL, there were no holdouts and everyone was willing and eager to get underway. LYFC vice president Renee Triana said they have more than 170 players turning out for football, and greater than 100 coming out for cheer. “This year’s been our best year so far,” said Triana as to the balance of ages to fill the five squads involved. “We’re going to have really nice numbers this year. Our squads are going to be nice and full.” Triana said the cheer squads are an integral part of the organization, just as the football teams are. She said they travel to all the away games and participate in all the activities. There are five levels in Junior Football, and the organization is under the parent umbrella of USA Football. USA Football utilizes some of the most advanced drills and techniques in teaching young players the skills and fitness necessary to play the game. Triana said the officials for the game are supplied by USA Football. She said the officials are local but are hired and trained by the parent organization. USA Football also provides information as to proper training and conditioning, which started Monday. “We want them all to stay healthy; the stronger they get the better protected they are when they start to tackle,” said Triana of the conditioning taking place this week. “At the lower levels they do a little more fun stuff. They do a lot of the same things but they put in the form of a game.” Triana had great praise for the coaches LYFC has. She said the organization has also done and excellent job with its budgets and is able to replace equipment as it becomes worn. “You just kind of build on what you have,” Triana said, “and you get better and better and better.” The LYFC Jamboree is scheduled for Aug. 13, Lincoln High School. The Fighting Zebras club will scrimmage against the Bear River Bruins, and Nevada Union Miners. The season officially opens Aug. 21 (the game was used to Sunday because the Lincoln High School football field was in use on Saturday) when the Bruins return for a full day of football. Following is the schedule as listed on