Lincoln Senior Care Clinic offers in-home visits

By: Carol Percy, Reporter
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Just when medical house calls seemed a service from the past, Ron Ordona came to town.

A registered nurse practitioner with a Master of Science nursing degree, Ordona opened the Senior Care Clinic last month.

Located at 89 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 100, in Lincoln, the clinic offers healthcare services for seniors that include primary care, annual physicals, laboratory testing, preventive health care and health case management.

Ordona said the Senior Care Clinic’s mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care on an “as-needed or preventative basis” in the home environment where seniors live. Unlike most 10 – 15 minute diagnostic appointments with physicians, Ordona’s appointments with patients last an hour, Ordona said.

“I take time to get to know my patients,” he said.

The business uses a direct practice or private-pay medical practice model in which patients deal directly with the health care giver for payment. No insurance companies are billed.

“The biggest service I offer is the house calls visit. It allows some of our seniors and their families some much-needed service. My goal is to lessen ER (emergency room) visits, if at all possible, or even minimize re-admissions after ER visits or hospital stays. A great number of our seniors can benefit from not going back and forth to the hospital,” Ordona said.

Under the private-pay model, patients have the option of signing up for two types of service. “Concierge” is a monthly fee-based arrangement with unlimited personal visits. Concierge services cost $166 per month. Patients are paying for 24/7 access to a nurse practitioner with no insurance payments or insurance processing, Ordona said.

As a second option, patients may schedule as-needed appointments at $200 per visit. Ordona said he intends to limit his practice to no more than 500 patients. If a patient calls for advice, he helps them assess whether to schedule a house visit, make an appointment with his physician-partner, or call 9-1-1 for emergency medical treatment.

On a “by appointment” basis, Ordona makes “house calls” at a patient’s home or place of residence which includes retirement homes, independent, assisted living or memory care facilities, or board-and-care homes.

“We are a primary care provider service with a dedicated nurse practitioner who works in collaboration with a medical doctor,” he said. “If needed, I could get help from my medical director, Dr. Joe Kelada, who has a clinic in Roseville.”

Ordona said his business specializes in the care of home-bound seniors with physical disabilities, dementia and chronic disease conditions.

Angela Wilson, office assistant and licensed vocational nurse for The Senior Care Clinic said their bedridden clients appreciate the personal in-house service.

“When we have bedridden patients, they sometimes need medications refilled every three months and usually that means a trip to the doctor. It’s much more comfortable for them to be seen in their homes by a nurse practitioner who can prescribe their medications,” Wilson said.

The Senior Care Clinic is Ordona’s second senior health care facility located in Lincoln. In 2006, he and several partners opened the Care Home by RNs, a six-bed home-care facility located at 1408 Alder Creek Ct. in the Twelve Bridges area. The Care Home by RNs is still in operation.

“I wanted to make sure that the medical care that my patients needed was delivered to them where they live, when they need it,” Ordona said.

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