Lincoln rider continues his quest for WERA championship

Lancaster on three week tour
By: Staff Report
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. _ Lincoln motocross rider Tucker Lancaster began his three-week tour of the WERA series last month and wrapped up his first stop with four wins and two third-place efforts to his credit.

Lancaster and crew didn’t pull into Las Vegas until around 5 a.m. that Friday after driving all night. With no time for rest, work began on bikes A and B so the 16-year-old could get in some practice before noon.

“Right off the bat, I wasn’t feeling very comfortable on the bike,” Lancaster said. “I was riding my A bike, which we just put brand new K-Tech suspension on and it was way too stiff for me.”

A telephone call to Barry Wressell of KFG racing helped to improve the situation, but Lancaster said he didn’t feel prepared for Saturday’s racing.

On Saturday, Lancaster decided his B bike felt better. The K-Tech suspension was adjusted more to Lancaster’s liking but the front brake also had to be adjusted. Unfortunately, the brake seized up on the track and had to be removed by the “crash” truck.

Although the A bike still felt uncomfortable, the young rider raced to first in the C (600cc) Superbike event.

Moving up to the A (1,000cc) Superstock, Lancaster got a good start and found himself in third place. Trailing a 1,000 cc bike, Lancaster would gain ground in the turns but fall behind on the straightaway.

“I would catch right back up to him in the turns,” Lancaster said. “It was a pretty frustrating race because I knew I was faster than him but I just couldn't get around him.”

The Lincoln racer ended up third in the event.

The last race that day was the C (600cc) Superstock. Although he got off to a slow start, he was in second place by the first turn. He quickly passed Andre Ochs, the front runner, and swept to victory by a good margin.

“It ended up being a good day with podiums in all of my races,” Lancaster said, “but I still wasn't where I wanted to be with the bike setup and my speed.”

Sunday, Lancaster made four practice runs and decided to go with his B bike. His crew said he look much more aggressive and comfortable on that machine.

The 16-year-old started on the pole in the C (600cc) Superbike and took the holeshot. In spite of building a big lead, Lancaster pushed to go faster. On the fifth lap, he ended up too deep in turn four and went off the track into the dirt.

That allowed the riders in second and third place to pull ahead of him as Lancaster fought to get his bike back on the track. Picking up rocks in his tires, the Lincoln prodigy waited until his tires cleared of debris before making his move.

“I got back around into first place on the last lap on the back straight away,” said Lancaster. “It ended up being a closer and more stressful race than it started out; I was happy I won it!”

Starting inside the first row, Lancaster was third going into the first turn of the A (1,000cc) Superstock race.

Reminiscent of the day before, the Lincoln rider was faster in the turns but would fall behind on the straightaway. Despite doing his best to block his pursuer, the two were virtually touching as they crossed the finish line. Lancaster ended up third by 4/100s of a second.

In the C (600cc) Superstock, Lancaster took the holeshot but was being pressured by rider Jeremy Toye. In the fifth turn, Toye went to the inside and pulled into first place.

Content to stay in second, the Lincoln rider waited until the time was right to make his move. Patient enough to wait until the final straightaway, Lancaster turned it up to win by less than half a second.

Lancaster is scheduled to make a personal appearance at Champ Cuts at 745 Highway 65 from noon-3 p.m. May 18.