Lincoln residents plan to vote

Number of voters registering since January increases slightly
By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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The number of Lincoln residents registered to vote for November’s election is 23,686. That’s according to the Placer County Office of Elections, who reported 23,195 citizens registered to vote for the November 2008 election. This November, Lincoln voters will decide who fills the two City Council seats currently up for election as well as decide if Measures J and K will pass. Measure K is a utility users’ tax, which would tax residents’ utilities 3.75 percent to close a structural deficit in the city’s General Fund. The General Fund provides funding for Lincoln’s police, fire, library and recreation services. The proposed utility users’ tax has a four-year sunset clause, which means residents would be taxed for four years. Measure J is a $163 million school bond, and if approved by voters, would fund improvements for existing schools sites, as well as a new elementary and high school, according to previous News Messenger reports. Most Lincoln residents The News Messenger randomly spoke to on Monday and Tuesday plan to vote in the November election. “I know school funding and cuts to parks are on the ballot so that’s very important because it’s important to the next generation,” said Love Edmonson, as her daughter Ava Edmonson, 2, finished her ballet class at the Civic Center. Edmonson said she votes every year. “I think it’s important that if we want things to change or stay, it’s important for the people that live here to vote,” she said. Stewart Dealie said he considers voting his “civic duty.” “I always vote. It’s every citizen’s responsibility to the community and nation to express our desire to our public officials,” Dealie said. When asked if there are any specific Lincoln issues that are of concern, Dealie said “not in particular.” Ned Weiler said he’ll vote “because I always do” and that he’s in favor of Measure K. “I think we ought to have the utility tax,” Weiler said. “From what I’ve read, our revenue dropped.” Weiler said that he would like to see the city manager’s salary cut. He didn’t say much about the City Council election. “It’s impartial to me. I feel one person is as good as another,” Weiler said. Faith Goss said she’s voting specifically because of Measure K. “Yes because I don’t want Measure K to pass,” Goss said when asked if she will cast a ballot in November. “I don’t feel like I should be taxed on my utilities more than I already am.” Another resident who plans on voting this November is Michele Holland. “I just believe that voting is part of our responsibility of being an American,” Holland said. Holland said “voting enables Americans to keep the freedom that we have.” The number of Lincoln residents who are registered to vote has increased slightly over the past nine months. In January, 23,140 residents were registered to vote, increasing to 23,249 in April, 23,474 in May and 23,673 as of September 7. Residents have until Oct. 18 to register so that they may vote on Nov. 2.