Lincoln needs to continue its adult education classes

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On behalf of the adult education program at Western Placer Unified School District, I am writing to thank you, The Lincoln News Messenger, and Gold Country Media for your supportive articles about our English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in the Feb. 23 and March 1 editions. The article written by Stephanie Dumm (front page Feb. 23, “School board to vote Tuesday on cutting ESL classes, laying off teachers”) gave an accurate description of the board meeting on Feb. 21 and highlighted the impending elimination of our Adult ESL classes. In addition, your editorial column on March 1 (page 4, “Don’t cut Lincoln’s adult education program”) shed some light on our effort and motivation as teachers as well as on our students’ expectations and need for our adult ESL classes. Eliminating ESL classes signifies that our students are being prevented from accessing a viable resource that helps them become skilled members of our growing city. It is my hope that, with your publications, the school board and the public of Lincoln will become more supportive of our adult education programs and gain a sense of moral obligation to continue to educate our immigrant community. Please accept these letters from my students who also wanted to express their gratitude to you. Thank you again for helping the public recognize the current state of our adult ESL classes. Ramey Dern, adult ESL teacher, Lincoln