Lincoln Hills residents help kids start school right

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Over 100 students started school with all the right supplies they needed, thanks to residents of Village 4 in Lincoln Hills. Two other groups, Ann Dutro and Village 3B, and Pauline Watson and Village 42B, joined the others once again this year to help make a difference. This was the best year so far. This project started seven years ago and the number of packs and other supplies has grown each year. Residents start collecting the supplies and backpacks in July and start dropping them at my home. Our house looks like an office supply warehouse for about a month each summer but we don’t care and anyone who comes to visit is getting used to it. We used to do this in Virginia where we came from eight years ago so decided to just keep it going here. The need is great and gets greater each year. The neighbors are really generous and, each year, they come up with new ideas to add to the supplies. The neighbors come out early in the morning of the first week of school and sort and pack all the backpacks. They are then loaded into cars and taken to the schools that are recommended by the Western Placer Unified School District office. The teachers are made aware of the supplies that arrive and those kids that need them are invited down to the office to pick out their own packs. Any extra supplies are put into the teachers’ closet for their use throughout the year. It is a win/win for everyone because those donating the supplies feel just as good as the kids who receive them. Claire Luke, “Project Back Pack” coordinator, Lincoln