Lincoln Hills has too many stop signs, according to Lincoln resident

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I was very pleased to see your featured article about Loren Winckler’s efforts (Feb. 14, page 9, “Resident takes traffic complaint to City Hall)” to do something about the huge number of stop signs in Sun City Lincoln Hills. 

Your “Streetwise” interviews (Feb. 14, page 5) confirm what many of us agree on, that there are way too many “stop signs” on Sun City Boulevard and Del Webb Boulevard. 

One result of there being so many stop signs is that many people ignore them!

 I don’t know Mr. Winckler nor is my street affected by the problem but getting around on our “main streets” in Sun City Lincoln Hills is really impacted by all the stop signs. Through traffic should not be so limited.

I really hope you continue to pursue and report on this in our newspaper!

I also hope Mr. (Kenneth) Silverman and our board will reflect the spirit of our community at our next meeting.

 Thanks and well done.

 Len Carniato, Lincoln