Lincoln High choir featured at Capitol

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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The Lincoln High School Chamber Choir took advantage of the acoustics Dec. 8 at the California State Capitol. The choir was there to participate in the California State Capitol’s holiday music program. Lincoln’s choir and the Forest Lake Christian School Chamber Choir performed that day. This is the Lincoln choir’s third year singing at the Capitol, according to Cindy Hagman, Lincoln High’s Chamber Choir director. “It’s a great experience for the kids,” Hagman said. “There are excellent acoustics and a lot of students haven’t been in the state Capitol before.” After the choir’s first performance three years ago, Hagman said, “they (California State Capitol) have requested us ever since.” The choir director said the performance helps students be “culturally aware of the state.” “Often times, state senators will come out and watch us,” Hagman said. “Anyone who is in Assembly will come out of chambers and meeting halls and come listen to us.” The choir sang in front of a crowd that varied from about 20 to 50 during the one-hour performance. Audience members varied between groups of 10 to 20 schoolchildren touring the Capitol to spectators returning from previous years, such as Sacramento resident Catherine Troka. “I thought they were wonderful,” Troka said about the Lincoln High Chamber Choir’s performance. “I enjoyed them very much, I’m glad they did the Hallelujah choir.” Troka said she is a “native Californian” and “loves” the Capitol building. “I live in the area and I enjoy coming to this particular event each year,” Troka said. A few parents of choir members watched the performance, including Michelle Callahan, Taylor Callahan’s mother. “I think it’s awesome they get to perform at the state Capitol,” Callahan said. “I think it’s good for the younger kids to see what they might be able to do when they get to high school.” Valerie Pohle was also in the audience to see her daughter, Mary Murphy, 17; sing at the Capitol. “I think it’s an amazing opportunity not only for the high school but for my daughter to sing a solo,” Pohle said. “It’s good exposure for them.” Bethanie Cornwell, 17, said singing at the Capitol allowed “people to hear your voice and the school’s.” “I was a little scared but it was fun,” Cornwell said. Emily Solorzano, 16, was not nervous for the performance because she was “well prepared.” “I thought it was really fun and a great experience for everyone,” Solorzano said. “It gave us the opportunity to sing in a wider range and (the Capitol) has great acoustics.” Tanner Apsley, 14, also called the choir’s trip a “great opportunity.” “I definitely think it gives people the opportunity to hear us sing and helps us to become a better choir,” Tanner said. “It gives us the opportunity to bond more.”