Lincoln has so much to offer residents this summer

Youth Beat
By: Cearra Cannon, Special to The News Messenger
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Many a confounded Californian may disregard Lincoln as an alcove of backwards, small-town life and may search elsewhere for their day-to-day entertainment but Lincoln bursts with life and American culture like the ripe fruits that have grown in the orchards surrounding the gem of the foothills for generations. With summertime fast approaching, we might find ourselves searching frantically for ways to stay occupied that won’t break the bank. And suddenly, our small Lincoln is framed in headlights and expected to perform, and perform it will if you’re willing to grab a friend, a bike, or your own two feet and explore the locale. A glorious place to begin your trip is at The Brickhouse, a coffee joint owned by longtime local residents, husband and wife team Kimberly and Patrick Galbraith, and manned by several smiling baristas who will offer up grand conversation as well as specialty coffee drinks. The Brickhouse is nestled in Old Town, and as soon as stepping through the framed door that harkens back to the brick architecture that upholds the historic building, the delicious aroma of goodies not hustled off the back of a truck and the warm feeling of home will envelop you. Avid biker, college student and Brickhouse employee Amanda White not only supplied me with an iced latte but the excitement of meeting someone new; a novelty often overlooked by chain stores that are creeping into the area. Grab a sandwich or some Gouda soup that is all the rage, take your meal outside and enjoy the scenery in Beerman Plaza, which, beginning today, hosts the Lincoln Farmer’s Market. The market is from 5 to 8 p.m. Slip on your headphones or strike up a conversation in the Plaza and enjoy the season basking in the California sun. Spend a balmy summer evening on the shores of Lincoln nightlife and adventure through not only the gold of true local and organic produce but local music and camaraderie of the town. Thursdays offer a great evening to catch up with friends, ride the bike around the block and sample any one of the numerous restaurants that puts out their best for the market. Pass the night at a local favorite hangout discovered during the Farmer’s Market, invite some suffering suburbanites from Rocklin or Roseville out to chat, and go to sleep as an exhausted, satisfied small-town Lincolnite. Cearra Cannon is 17 and a high school senior.