Lincoln has a long heritage of hunting

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This is in response to the letter in the March 13 issue, regarding Kim's Country Kitchen. I am appalled that someone who calls themselves a Lincolnite could stoop so low as to try to deprive someone of their livelihood. I could put money on the origins of the letter writer to be the Bay Area. This is Lincoln, a town with a great heritage of hunting. I remember killing my first turkey just east of East Avenue. I remember the days of listening to the hunting stories in Bill Airo's barber shop. This is a town with a lot of history that should not and will not die because someone sitting up on the hill spouts off about animal cruelty. There was no mention in the letter about the unborn chicks, slaughtered pigs and mistreated Mexican farm laborers in her letter, or that she probably ordered the steak and eggs with toast, just a completely ignorant attack on a great local business that is carrying on a local heritage and making a living in the process. Hurray for Kim. Ron Barringer Jr., Lincoln