Lincoln Future Farmers continue tradition

By: Christina Lopez Special to The News Messenger
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Lincoln Future Farmers of America had a blast at the Lincoln High School farm as officers awarded members with their appurtenant degrees, based on their year in FFA. The Greenhand Degree was awarded to several first-year members; there were various members who received their chapter degrees for their second year in FFA. The highest degree awarded at the meeting was the State FFA Degree. To receive this degree, students raised a total of $1,500 and work at least 500 hours throughout their high school career, with their FFA projects. We are proud of all our members who deserved to receive the degree they were awarded. Greenhand members accepted their degrees along with a traditional hand-dying surprise. Students had to dig for their Greenhand pins in a bucket of green slime, including cooked spaghetti noodles, cooked oatmeal, and green dye making the experience unforgettable. The following members who participated in this thrilling FFA tradition were Ricardo Lopez, Shelby Workman, Kelsi Snook, Jordan Moine, Jerelle Haveman, Victoria Lopez, Marisa Utterback, Katlyn Cummings, Colton Adair, Alexis Tompkins, Lauren Boeger, Katrina Rymel, Bryce Bender, Kendall Jones, Patrick Vance, Michelle MacDonald, Anthony Ruiz, Steven Shaffer, Emily Lang and George Brown. Along with the hand-dying tradition comes the crowning of the king and queen Greenhand, the two first-year members who have been the most involved in FFA activities. The two members who were crowned with Burger King crowns and had to sit on ice block thrones were Shelby Workman and Ricardo Lopez. Second-year members were ecstatic that no hand dying was involved to receive their Chapter Degrees. This list of excited members includes Spencer Souza, Jennifer Meyers, Tiffany Lindemann, Kaylee Stiles, Alyssa Ruiz, Tyler Newberry, Shannon Dudley, Matt Giles, Nicole Chalk, Alyssa Alger, Trevor Petersen, Kassi Bess, Heather Foxworthy, Martina De La Rosa, Kyle Haines, Marcy Buckner, Haylee Cota, Colbie Hargan, Alexis Godfredson, Cory Mitchell, Cody Cox, Jarrett Kelly, Joey Fiascanaro, Elizabeth Torrez, and Alexandra Aldridge. The members who worked their projects for all it was worth and will gladly receive their State Degrees in March were Melanie Benjamin, Paige Fulmer, Tyler Trueblood, James Trueblood, and Reata Suggs. We’re proud of these members for all their hard work and dedication; they will join a very elite group. Lincoln FFA chapter had an escapade we will always remember and we hope future FFA members will have just as much fun in all the years to come. Christina Lopez is an FFA re-porter and Lincoln High student.