Lincoln Ducks staying afloat in combined Juniors Baseball

Bulldogs played just two games
By: Staff Report
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In the combined Lincoln, Rocklin, Tri-City Little League Juniors Division the Tri-City Dodgers have played four games this rainy season and won them all. In all, there are 12 teams in the league. The Lincoln Ducks tripped up Tri-City’s Giants to even their record to 2-2. That puts them just two games behind the Dodgers. The Ducks lost to the Dodgers earlier in the season. Lincoln’s Bulldogs have had little opportunity to play because of the inclement weather. They dropped their opener to the Ducks by one run, and then fell to the A’s a couple weeks ago. The Ducks were scheduled to take on the Rocklin Red Sox Monday in Lincoln. The Bulldogs were scheduled to visit the Rocklin Pirates on their junior’s field. The Bulldogs would then travel to Tri-City to face the Giants April 13. The Ducks would play again April 14 visiting the Rocklin A’s. Many games have been rescheduled and fans are encouraged to visit to view the Juniors’ schedule changes. Little League Juniors Lincoln/Rocklin/Tri-City Standings Team Win Loss GB Dodgers (TC) 4 0 -- Athletics (R) 3 1 1 Giants (TC) 2 1 1 ½ Mariners (R) 1 1 2 Pirates (R) 1 1 2 Angels (TC) 2 2 2 Giants (R) 2 2 2 Ducks (L) 2 2 2 Yankees (R) 2 3 2 ½ Cardinals (R) 0 2 3 Bulldogs (L) 0 2 3 Red Sox (R) 1 3 3 Games Played Angels (TC) 12, Red Sox (R) 5 Angels (TC) 14, Yankees (R) 4 A’s (R) 11, Yankees (R) 10 Giants (R) 15, Ducks (L) 9 Dodgers (TC) 12, A’s (R) 1 Giants (R) 8, Angels (TC) 7 Yankees (R) 10, Red Sox (R) 5 Ducks (L) 11, Giants (TC) 9 Mariners (R) 10, Pirates (R) 8 A’s (R) 10, Bulldogs (L) 0