Lincoln Crossing resident is not happy with HOA’s unfair actions

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The rest of the city, perhaps the state, needs to hear about the current corrupt leadership of the Lincoln Crossing Homeowners Association (HOA).  Aptly called the “HOAX” by a respected member of our community, the blatantly unfair actions started late last year. 

Home turnover, indifference and busy lifestyles are what have plagued many elections to where unfortunately a simple majority of 2,900 homes do not typically vote. 

Nonetheless, the former homeowners’ association president passed rules to where he could make decisions without even running items by the populace of the community.  We tried reporting them to the community management company, which did nothing. 

Questionable decisions that were done without homeowners’ consent are the installation of three of the homeowners’ association leaders (one who wasn’t even a candidate was appointed), a 150K  “loan” to the already funded un-built schools and parks, and a generous/disproportionate donate to the bypass opening. 

The Lincoln Crossing community needs to hold them accountable for making decisions without even having the common courtesy to forewarn the homeowners that they are supposed to serve!

Ted A. West, Lincoln


Editor’s note: The News Messenger asked Lincoln Crossing Homeowners Association if it wanted to respond to Ted A. West’s letter. Lincoln Crossing – Club Lincoln general manager Ken Deutscher replied, “No response will be given to the letter below.  It will stand on its own merits.”