Lincoln city-manager salary extreme

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I continue to be amazed of the salaries being paid to support the Lincoln city manager position. Earning over $200,000 annually at taxpayer expense is astonishing to say the least, especially for a small (but great) city like Lincoln. Consider, a U.S. senator makes $175,000 annually. Until the most recent minor pay cut taken by the city manager, a United States Supreme Court justice made less than the Lincoln city manager. The average salary for a state governor is about $125,000. Anyone that even does a modest review of salaries paid to full time mayors in California will see that Lincoln is paying more money for its city manager than they do for full-time mayors (who are the chief executive for their respective cities) in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and countless others. My guess is that if the Lincoln City manager position was offered in the $120,000 to $135,000 range, we’d see a large number of highly qualified candidates. In these times of economic hardship, taxpayers should not be paying extravagant salaries to public servants. Just because nearby cities overpay their city managers is no excuse for us to follow suit. The compounding impact is that we then inflate the salaries of a number of other city employees. If we overhaul salaries of city executives, we will have additional funds to help balance the budget and/or maintain other essential public services. We simply should not keep paying such inflated salaries any longer. Dennis Wagner, Lincoln