The Lincoln Chronicles

By: Compiled Shoni Jones
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1 YEAR AGO March 27, 2008 – A monumental undertaking – Group seeks help for historic cemetery – For a group of longtime Lincoln residents, the rural setting of Manzanita Cemetery is both a blessing and a curse. At best, the historic cemetery tucked away in the foothills is a peaceful place to pay respects to family members and wander through centuries of the city’s past. But the same qualities have let the grounds succumb to uncontrolled decay and even vandalism, according to a group of locals pushing for better preservation. Spearheaded by Lincoln resident Georgia Fuentes, the group – mostly composed of residents with family members buried in the cemetery – hopes to form a nonprofit with tax-exempt status to obtain grants and donations. 10 YEARS AGO March 25, 1999 – Playground thermometer soars higher to $80,000 – All the dreams of a group of Carlin C. Coppin Elementary School parents came closer to reality Saturday when the Feets of Play thermometer shot up to $80,000 Saturday at the McBean Park Family Fun Day. The Feets of Play committee needs $100,000 to build the Leathers playground they have planned for the park. Recently, the project received a $50,000 corporate grant from the Jela Wen Co. in Oregon, the parent company of Doorcraft in Rocklin. The committee hopes to raise the remaining $20,000 by construction time. Volunteers will start building the playground April 20. 20 YEARS AGO March 23, 1989 – Group to study Highway 102 organized; city man named – The names of the people appointed to serve on the 11-member citizens advisory committee to study and advise on the proposed Route 102 have been released by the state Department of Transportation. Appointed to the committee are: Marshall Weir, Lincoln; William Fawx, Newcastle and Gold Hill; Carl DeWing, Loomis, Robert Cottam of Loomis, representing Placer County; George Slight, Pleasant Grove; Art Cox, Auburn; Alan Lauppe, South Sutter; Knox Gohring, Rocklin; Caroline Stanart, Rio Linda and Elverta; Richard Roccucci, Roseville; David Feiling, city of Sacramento; Tessa McCarthy, Sacramento County. Intended as a reliever for I-80, Route 102 would connect Sacramento at Interstate 5 near the Sacramento Metropolitan Airport with I-80 north of Auburn, passing though western Placer County. Rural residents east of Lincoln have voiced strong objections against the proposed route for the highway and started a grassroots organization last summer. The committee will assist in finding a path for the proposed bypass that is acceptable to local citizenry. 50 YEARS AGO March 26, 1959 – Lincoln 1959 To Be Buried In Time Capsule – Lincolnania of 1959 will be available to Lincolnites of 2059 through a time capsule to be buried during the week of Lincoln Centennial celebration. The project will be in charge of the Supervisors club of Gladding, McBean and company, according to Jerry Jansen, general chairman for the celebration. The contents and location of the capsule have not as yet been decided, but it is expected that current newspapers, photographs and magazines will be included, and that the location probably will be somewhere in McBean park. The possibility of an essay contest among Lincoln school students also has been suggested, with the winning entries to be included in the capsule. 75 YEARS AGO – March 22, 1934 – Officer Beermann has Lucky Break Catching Crook – Officer Beermann has a good break last Friday morning as he was coming out of his back yard on his way to his butcher shop on Fifth street at about 5:30 in the morning. He noticed a man emerging from the rear room of Ingram’s drug store, who was quick to realize that he was in a “jack-pot” and started explaining to the officer that something has been happening around there, to which Officer Beermann agreed and suggested that he was the fellow responsible to which the accused replied in the negative, but Beermann took him to the “hoose-gaw” and telephoned to Sheriff Gum who arrived in due time with a picture and finger prints of a man giving the name of Rex Carwin, who has just been released from the Yuba City jail on March 4th. - The Lincoln Chronicles are compiled by Shoni Jones. No editing changes are made to the copy so that the entries appear as originally published.