Lincoln Chronicles

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1 YEAR AGO March 10, 2011 – Physical education on the line – School must cut $3 million from budget – Group advocating for school sports – Parents and coaches at one Lincoln middle school are taking a proactive approach to save sports programming. Support Our Sports, also known as S.O.S., is a group that recently formed at Glen Edwards Middle School to find ways to fund sports programs there. “It’s more of an effort to rally people in an effort to make sure it (sports) stays around,” said Jason Noonan, a teacher and boys’ basketball coach at the school. 10 YEARS AGO March 7, 2002 – Lila Vineyard honored for public service – Auctioneer, Matt Morebeck, took a break from the Mt. Pleasant Country Store Auction last Saturday night, to honor a woman, who, in his words, “…has done more for the area than almost anyone else.” Lila Vineyard, who has decided to retire from her public service this year, was given an award at the Mount Pleasant Hall for all of her many years of service and dedication to the community where she lives. “I have 52 years in 4-H and 55 …no, I guess 60 years working for the hall,” said Vineyard. “I’ve enjoyed every one of them.” 20 YEARS AGO March 5, 1992 – Commission lack quorum – The city of Lincoln is building its first new parks in more than 40 years, yet no one is asking the Parks and Recreation Commission for any input on the new facilities. The reason is clear; there aren’t enough members. According to commissioner George Viason, the panel hasn’t met in more than a year because they don’t have enough members to form a quorum. Right now, there are only two members on the commission, one short of the number needed. New members have to be appointed by the City Council. If the commission were active, their purpose would be to advise the City Council on parks. 50 YEARS AGO March 8, 1962 – High School, Warehouse, Theft Victims – The metal shop and several rooms at the Lincoln high school were broken into Friday night, and a number of tools, described by Police Chief Robert Jimenez as “burglar type” were reported missing. Among tools reported missing from the metal shop were punchers, drills, bolt cutters, welding goggles, tin snips and hammers. Locks on several of the lockers in the shop were snapped off. Doors of several classrooms were pried open and some drawers ransacked, according to the police chief. Several dollars also were taken from dispensers in the girls’ rest rooms. The same night, Sonny’s warehouse at Fourth and East Avenue was broken into, and a cash box containing a sum of money and some legal documents, was reported missing and the office was ransacked. Entry was gained by cutting a hole in the north side of the metal warehouse. The cash box and documents were later found in the Penryn area and turned over to the Placer County sheriff’s office. Police Officers on 24-hour call basis – In view of the rash of burglaries in and around Lincoln, Police Chief Robert Jimenez said both police cars are in full use, and all available man-power has been placed on a 24-hour basis. 75 YEARS AGO March 11, 1937 – Night Prowler Charged With Larceny Attempt – A night prowler and peeping Tom was apprehended here last Monday night as he was attempting to enter the Lincoln Hotel from the rear and landed in jail. He was haled before Judge Grey by Officer Beermann and given sixty days in the county jail. The man seemed to be suffering from some kind of drug as he was hazy when questioned by the officers. Reports have come from several homes about town that a man had been seen prowling around the houses and peeping in the windows – don’t know if the man arrested was the same but officers think he is. The Lincoln Chronicles are compiled by Shoni Jones. No editing changes are made to the copy so that the entries appear as originally published.