Lincoln Chronicles

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1 YEAR AGO Feb. 24, 2011 – Hard cuts offered at budget workshop – That includes laying off two police jobs – The message to close the General Fund’s structural deficit without the use of reserves was clearly heard by city staff at a three-and-a-half-hour-long budget workshop. The Feb. 16 workshop was requested by City Council on Feb. 8 to start discussing budget reductions for the next fiscal year. The projected revenue versus expenditure shortfall is $1.5 million for this fiscal year, according to a city staff report. The library, recreation, fire and police departments provided potential cost savings for next fiscal year, totaling $981,000. Those cost savings include closing the Carnegie Library, eliminating adult volleyball and mailing out the recreation guide to residents and the layoff of two police personnel. 10 YEARS AGO Feb. 21, 2002 – City water rates set to increase – City water users will be seeing a 10 percent rate increase on their bills soon due to rate hikes which the Placer County Water Agency, the primary water source for Lincoln, has imposed on the city. Some of the charges are due to state mandated repairs to the aging infrastructure which conveys water to the area. A report made by representatives of the PCWA at the Feb. 12 City Council meeting detailed why the additional funds were necessary. “The rate increase is 10 percent across the board from residential, non residential, and commercial users, but we have changed the base rate from $11 from 0 to 8,000 gallons, to $12 for 1 to 10,000 gallons so the impact will be minimal,” Randy Graham, Finance and Administrative Services director said. “Most city residents will see a minor rate increase, which will amount to about 25 cents a month in peak summer usage periods.” 20 YEARS AGO Feb. 20, 1992 – School ownership subject of legal action – The Western Placer Unified School district has taken a proactive step to clarify the future of the former Valley View Elementary School site and the land which surrounds it. The school board has given notice to more than 30 parties who may have an interest in the site that the district wants to clear up the title. “The district has filed legal action to clear up the title,” said the district’s attorney Martin Fine. “Everyone who may give an interest has been notified.” Josephine Blackford, who owns part of the land, and other people say that according to a deed signed in 1885 between O.P. Richardson and the district, and one signed in 1952 between Robert and Josephine Blackford and the district, the land must be transferred to the original owners if it isn’t operated as a public school. The 100-year-old school house was closed last year in an attempt to balance the budget. 50 YEARS AGO Feb. 22 , 1962 – Two Men Arrested In Robbery of Lincoln Inn – The Lincoln Inn, hard hit several months ago when a safecracker got away with close to $4,000, was the victim of an armed robbery during the early hours of Thursday morning last week. Some $500 in cash was taken in the latest robbery. Police Chief Robert Jimenez said two men wearing white handkerchiefs over their faces, and one of them armed with a shotgun, entered the bar at approximately 1:30 a.m. The one carrying the shotgun remained by the entrance while the other commanded the five patrons and bartender Sam Radovich to put their hands up and place their wallets on the bar. Emptying the cash register of about $192, and taking the wallets, the pair fled, first cautioning the victims to lie down for four minutes. Disobeying orders, one of the victims spotted the robbers’ car, and the police department was notified of the robbery together with a description of the car and the direction in which it took off. Two suspects were apprehended at about 6:35 a.m. Thursday a few miles west of Wheatland and lying in the grass. The pair, Larry lane of Wheatland, about 23, and William Page Hughes, about 24, of Olivehurst, were booked on suspicion of armed robbery and are held in the Placer County jail. The various sums taken from the wallets plus the $192 from the cash register totaled a little over $500, Jimenez said. 75 YEARS AGO Feb. 25, 1937 – Local Plant Gets Big Contract – The news has just been given out that our local firm of Gladding, McBean & Co., with headquarters in San Francisco, has been awarded the contract for the terra cotta material in the federal building to be erected in Los Angeles, the largest federal contract to ever come to the coast. While we cannot give even approximate figures, we understand they are large and will keep a good crew of men busy for many months, and that’s good news for Lincoln, as we’ve been “kinder” down for some time. The Lincoln Chronicles are compiled by Shoni Jones. No editing changes are made to the copy so that the entries appear as originally published.