Lincoln Chronicles

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1 year ago Nov. 25, 2010: Panaderia rises to demand – Downtown Mexican bakery in middle of expansion – Shoppers at one downtown store will have both more space to move around in and more goods to choose from. That’s because Panaderia La Michoacana, a family-run Mexican grocery store and bakery, is expanding into a newly vacated office space next door. Barringer Realty was located next door until it merged with CENTURY 21 Select this month. “It’s getting so busy, we need to expand,” said Gonzalo Alejandre, the store owner. “It’s a nice opportunity.” The store is currently 2,300 square feet and the new addition will bring an additional 3,500 square feet, according to Alejandre. 10 years ago Nov. 23, 2001: Lincoln Arts faces an uncertain future – A lack of money, an insufficient pool of volunteers and an unbalanced emphasis on Feats of Clay threaten the existence of Lincoln Arts, the city’s only community organization dedicated to the arts. “The next few months will determine whether this organization stays in existence,” said Marie Taylor, Lincoln Arts executive director. “Every organization has a life span and maybe it’s over.” She made this comment a few days after the Nov. 13 City Council meeting when the council denied Lincoln Art’s request for $25,000 of the city’s money. If the city had given them the money, it would have paid $5,000 for Feats of Clay, $6,000 for music at the plaza, $4,000 for four gallery exhibitions and $10,000 for building repairs and hiring a temporary staff person during Feats of Clay. 20 years ago Nov. 21, 1991: New school opens doors – Students in the Western Placer School district were given another educational opportunity with the opening of Lincoln High School North. The purpose of Lincoln North is to give students an opportunity to make up credits so they can graduate from high school on time. “The school within a school acts as a safety net for kids with different learning styles,” said Bob Noyes, director of alternative programs for the district. Unlike the other schools in the district, Lincoln North began in the middle of the quarter, making it difficult to set-up and get going. 50 years ago Nov. 23, 1961: Planter Box Project Eyed By Rotarians – Having received authorization to go ahead from the city council, the Lincoln Rotarians are taking the initial steps in a beautification project from the city. Plans are in progress for the installation of planter boxes on the sidewalks of the downtown business district. Designs for two types of boxes are being drawn up. One type will be a long slender redwood box appropriate for ferns, small green plants or miniature shrubs. The other type will be square and deep enough to accommodate small evergreen trees. 75 years ago Nov. 26, 1936: Ed’s Slants On The Day’s News – A woman back in New York asked a judge the other day, what she should do – she lied about her age, when she secured her job and now under the social security act, if she registers for the benefits of the law, she must give her true age and should her boss find out she had lied to him, he will perhaps fire her, and if she registers as she gave her age to her boss, she will be arrested for lying – now what is she to do? Lie and run a risk of imprisonment or tell the truth and perhaps lose her job – what would you do? This incident emphasizes the saying “lie and you have to tell another to get out of the first one.” Compiled by Shoni Jones. No editing changes are made to the copy so that the entries appear as originally published.