Lincoln Chronicles

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1 YEAR AGO Oct. 28, 2010: Transitional home angers residents – Twelve Bridges neighbors vent at council meeting – Twelve Bridges residents were vocal during Tuesday’s City Council meeting regarding a transitional home that houses a registered sex offender. Lincoln’s assistant director of development services George Dellwo said the sex offender will move out of the house Sunday. “The isolated mistake was made by the counselor and no known sex offenders will be residing in the home after the current one leaves,” Dellwo said. The mistake was letting the sex offender move into the house, according to Mayor Tom Cosgrove. 10 YEARS AGO Oct. 25, 2001: Board approves treatment plant discharge permit – A critical milestone was reached for the city of Lincoln Friday when the Regional Water Quality Control Board approved the discharge permit for Lincoln’s new wastewater treatment plant, a facility that may ultimately become a regional plant for Western Placer County. Recent growth in the city of Lincoln, including the newest Del Webb Sun City Development, has made it necessary for the city to construct a new, upgraded wastewater treatment facility. The permits will allow for the upgrade and expansion of both the city’s existing wastewater treatment plant and the new wastewater treatment and reclamation facility. The existing plant will be permitted to discharge up to 2.4 million gallons per day (mgd), an increase of 1 mgd. The new plant will be constructed to treat 3.3 mgd initially. Many of the plant’s components will be oversized to allow an increase to 4.2 mgd in the near future. 20 YEARS AGO Oct. 24, 1991: Manick to replace Ramirez as interim administrator – After a lengthy closed session following a Lincoln City Council meeting Tuesday night, members hired an interim city administrator to replace Richard Ramirez, who formally announced his resignation. Lincoln’s acting police chief, Michael Maick, was chosen for the position effective Nov. 1. He will head both departments until the two permanent positions are filled. Manick has been acting police chief since June, when Robert Leighty announced his retirement after ten years as chief. Lincoln City Clerk Linda Stackpoole said Wednesday that Manick will earn an additional $15 per hour for his new duties as interim city administrator, in addition to his current $30 per hour salary which includes expenses. 50 YEARS AGO Oct. 26, 1961: Youths Held On Fire Setting Charges – Two area youths are being held by Placer county law enforcement agencies on suspicion of maliciously burning grass and brush covered land. Gale G. Kerr, 18, is being detained in Placer county jail as a suspect in the setting of two grass and brush fires in the Ophir district. Louis Pombo, 17, is being held in the juvenile detention home. Officers said he admitted tossing life-like dummies on the Lincoln-Newcastle and Gold Hill roads, just for kicks to frighten passing motorists. Sheriff’s Lieutenant Richard Wightman said investigations are under way in some 15 other fires believed to have been set deliberately. 75 YEARS AGO Oct. 29, 1936: Warning – You Halloween pranksters will be allowed to have a little fun, but no “ruff stuff” will be tolerated this year as has been the experience in years past – so just have a little time and go home and don’t attempt to cause the officers any trouble, as they will be watching you. The Lincoln Chronicles are compiled by Shoni Jones. No editing changes are made to the copy so that the entries appear as originally published.