Lincoln Chronicles

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1 YEAR AGO Oct. 21, 2010: School district gets half million in unexpected funds – Money from state will help pay for teachers, staff salaries – The school district received half a million dollars more from the state then expected to fund expenses, including salaries for teachers and staff. That’s according to a presentation given during Tuesday night’s school board meeting by school district Assistant Superintendent of Business Joyce Lopes. The district anticipated less money from the state per student than was actually received, according to Lopes. She said the district “projected half a million less than received.” 10 Years ago Oct. 18, 2001: Fruitvale School begins conversion to museum – The Fruitvale school was built in 1889 and the addition for the primary grades was built in the 1920s. There was no indoor plumbing and the students used outhouses. The shed off to the side of the school was where students kept their horses after riding them to school. The original slate chalkboards are still on the walls. Those were days when children walked or rode their horses to school on dirt roads. Lincoln was only four miles away, a short trip in a car by today’s standards but not in those days. “A hundred years ago, four miles was a long trip,” said Lyndell Grey of the Fruitvale Association. In 1946 the school was closed. The school district in Lincoln had no reason to keep the building. It was sold to the nonprofit Fruitvale Association in the 1950s for a small amount of money. About six months ago, the association decided to restore the inside and outside of the building to its original state. Their goal is to make it into a museum, a place where people can come to see what an old one-room school house is like. 20 YEARS AGO Oct. 17, 1991: Ramirez resigns City Administrator post to accept Paso Robles position – Lincoln City Administrator Richard Ramirez unexpectedly announced his resignation Monday to take a job in a Southern California city. Ramirez, 39, will become City Manager in Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo County beginning November 25 and will earn $82,000 a year. After ten years, Ramirez now earns $69,000 as Lincoln’s city administrator. 50 YEARS AGO Oct. 19, 1961: All in Fun – Inflationary Pattern Evident As Lincoln Shoppers Bid High In Dollar Day Auction Event Held Here – Inflation was rampant in Lincoln Friday evening, as local residents bid with abandon up to hundreds of “dollars” to acquire items which actually cost a fraction of that amount. The auction was the climax of a big Auction Dollar Day promotion sponsored by the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce. All of the bidding was with auction dollars, which were distributed for several days prior to the event by participating merchants. To the tune of a typical auctioneer’s chant, such items as $10 grocery orders sold for as high as “$525,” a table lamp for “$400,” and a blanket for “$800”. Topping the auction was the final item, a tire, for which the bidding reached several thousand “dollars”. Final purchaser of the tire, Mrs. Fred Enos, was decided by the flip of a coin after auction officials tired of counting the ersatz dollars. The second highest item was a garden cart, which was rapped down at “$1000” with Mrs. Virginia Tenborg as the lucky buyer. The item which went for the lowest amount, the first on the list, was a basketball set, with Ricky Sovenski successful with a bid of “$75.” 75 YEARS AGO Oct. 22, 1936: Alturas Woman Missing, Baby Seriously Ill – A telegram was received Saturday from the State Highway Patrol office in Alturas, asking the Placer County office to locate a waitress by the name of Helen Hotchkiss, who was supposed to be working in Roseville. Alturas officials were anxious to communicate with her, as her child is seriously ill there. Mrs. Hotchkiss is described as being of slender built, red hair, and weighing about 120 pounds. The communication said she might be in the company with a girl named Billie. Anyone knowing of a woman answering to this description is asked to communicate with the desk sergeant at the Placer County Highway Patrol office at Roseville. The Lincoln Chronicles are compiled by Shoni Jones. No editing changes are made to the copy so that the entries appear as originally published.