Lincoln Chronicles

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1 YEAR AGO Sept. 16, 2010 – City’s HR manager on leave – Lincoln officials not saying why – The city of Lincoln’s human resources manager Debbie Lindh is on administrative leave. The News Messenger first received word that she was on leave Sept. 7, through an e-mail tip. The e-mail said Lindh was “let go Friday,” and that she “went to (Mayor Tom) Cosgrove in confidence, he immediately went to (City Manager Jim) Estep, then she was shown the door.” The News Messenger called Lindh on Friday, asking her if the e-mail was true. “I’m on paid administrative leave,” Lindh said. She added that it wasn’t “appropriate” for her to comment further. Lindh has been the city’s human resources manager since January 2002, according to public information officer Jill Thompson, and Lindh’s salary is $107,774. Estep confirmed Friday afternoon that Lindh is on administrative leave. “This is a confidential personnel matter and the city will not comment further at this time,” Estep said. 10 YEARS AGO Sept. 13, 2001 – District having problems securing new school site – Problems in securing an elementary school site on the Foskett Ranch may force the Western Placer Unified School District into busing students to a future school on Twelve Bridges Drive or building one on county land outside the city limits. The expanding residential subdivisions off Nicolaus Road near the airport is bringing more children into the school district. Another new development between the Sierra Pacific mill and Lakeside Drive on the Foskett Ranch will add even more. The school district is focusing efforts on building a school there and has already chosen a 13-acre site. 20 YEARS AGO Sept. 12, 1991 – Robbers also sought in murders – The Rocklin Police and the F.B.I. have identified two people who robbed a Placer Savings in Rocklin August 29. Both suspects are wanted for a Sept. 2 murder and attempted murder in North Highlands. The suspects are Gerald Allen Hickman, 39, who is described as Caucasian, 5 feet, six inches tall, with brown hair, hazel eyes weighing 150 pounds; and Martha Lin Binford, 21, described as Caucasian, five feet, four inches tall, weighing 110 pounds, with brown hair and green eyes. The Rocklin robbery occurred at 2:30 p.m. when Hickman entered a Placer Savings at 4147 Rocklin Road, pulled a handgun from his waist and demanded money. He left in a 1975-80, white Ford pickup with Binford. 50 YEARS AGO Sept. 14, 1961 – Trailer Court Work Shows Progress – Construction of “Sunset Villa,” Lincoln’s first trailer court, is well under way and according to Ralph and Margaret Cowper of Carmichael, owners, is expected to be open for business by late fall. The court is located west of O Street, between First and Third streets. The Cowpers report that 29 trailer spaces, each 40 by 60 feet, will be available this year, with more, up to a total of 60 spaces, to be added in later development, probably next spring. Each space is provided with a nine by forty foot patio and three foot concrete runway strips for automobiles. Use of a laundry will be available immediately, with other facilities to be added later. 75 YEARS AGO Sept. 10, 1936 – Ed’s Slants On The Day’s News – Have just been reading about the new legislation, calculated to regulate the production and sale of legal and illegal eggs – too small, too old, spots and a lot of things – too bad isn’t it that we don’t know how to buy eggs – they’ll be telling us pretty soon how to eat them. If a good housewife buys one lot of bad eggs from her grocer, she tells him about it and if they are too small, she tells him about it, too, and don’t forget that – was in the grocery business for many years and we know. Was just thinking why don’t they get after the hen who lays these bad eggs, arrest her, put her in jail or plow her under. The Lincoln Chronicles are compiled by Shoni Jones. No editing changes are made to the copy so that the entries appear as originally published.