Lincoln Boulevard will be a boon to downtown

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Eight years ago, we moved to Lincoln to retire, and from day one, we found Lincoln to be a beautiful little city with some of the most helpful and friendly people we had ever met. Immediately after arriving, we met with representatives from our Lincoln Police Department and city officials who informed us about the Highway 65 Lincoln Bypass Project. We were so happy to know that downtown Lincoln would have the opportunity to grow and thrive when the bypass project was completed. Indeed it has been a long wait for the bypass, but it appears that in 2012, it will finally be realized. We want to thank all of those who worked tirelessly on the project and always kept Lincolns’ residents informed of the progress along the way. We are thrilled to hear about the Lincoln Boulevard Improvement Project. Downtown Lincoln is not just historic and quaint but has many great little places to shop and dine, and we frequent downtown Lincoln as often as possible. Also, we were glad to learn that there is interest from several new businesses to locate downtown. We are concerned, however, about Wal-Mart acquiring the old Rainbow Market property. As we know, historically when a Wal-Mart moves into a downtown area, most of the local smaller businesses are forced to close. And although Wal-Mart, with their one-stop shopping, will certainly be a destination for folks, it will probably not translate into foot traffic for other businesses in the downtown area. We hope that the project to give downtown Lincoln a facelift and bring in new businesses will be done in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner so that our beautiful downtown Lincoln will thrive for years to come. Bobby and Bonnie Swain, Lincoln