Lincoln Arts responds to audit petition

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On behalf of the board of directors of Lincoln Arts and as the organization’s president, this letter responds to the articles regarding Lincoln Arts printed in the July 29 (News Messenger). Andrew Mason said, “Admit your errors before someone else exaggerates them.” This response is penned on facts - not rumor, speculation or personal opinion. We should remember any venture run by humans will incur errors, inapt comments and other human behaviors, which may not be appropriate. Our news media reminds us of this fact daily! If any member of the board of directors or paid staff has offended any member of the public, we apologize. Specifically, I personally apologize regarding the reported alleged comment regarding Mr. Daley’s membership. Mr. Daley is a valued member of Lincoln Arts and his continued participation in the foundation is appreciated and welcomed. As respects the petition demanding a financial and management audit of Lincoln Arts, I invite interested parties to review our financials. Please call me and make an appointment (645-9713) and I will go over the financials with them. For those who cannot come into the gallery, please visit and you can review our tax returns for free on that website. As respects a management audit, the board is unclear as to exactly what that means. The board of directors reviews management activities monthly through written reports and daily through personal supervision, telephone consultations and e-mail exchanges. It is the board of director’s responsibility to evaluate the effectiveness of our own management and that of paid staff. To date, the board is satisfied with management performance. With regards to the alleged comment in the article, “Renati and family things,” again the Board is at a loss because the comment does not provide specific facts to which an inquiry can be made. Dispelling rumor: It has come to my attention that the petition circulated is motivated by a group of persons wishing to see Lincoln Arts disappear so that they can take over the “Feats of Clay” annual reception and tours as a for-profit making enterprise. The board wishes to advise our residents that Lincoln Arts will continue to host this uniquely cultural event and has no intention of entertaining a sale of this precious community asset to a for- profit organization. June Reeves, Lincoln Arts and Cultural Foundation president