Lincoln Arts needs to be forthcoming

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Earlier this week, I retrieved my mail, which included The Lincoln News Messenger and a letter from Lincoln Arts requesting that I renew my membership. I like the Lincoln Arts Center and the folks that run it. However, after reading your article about their unwillingness to be forthcoming about their financial affairs as a nonprofit organization, I shall withhold my renewal of membership and I am urging others to do the same. When an executive director, by her behavior of refusing requests to view their financial reports and referring The Lincoln News Messenger to her attorney, Ms. (Claudia) Renati casts an unfortunate long shadow of suspicion. If there is nothing to hide, there should be no fear of disclosing Lincoln Arts income and expenses, etc. I will fold my hands and patiently await the outcome of this situation. As one of the radio talk show hosts would say, "this refusal rates high on the "Stink O Meter." Patricia Branham, Lincoln