Lincoln Arts: the engine that runs Feats

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Lincoln Arts gallery and gift shop on the corner of Sixth and F streets is not only where Feats of Clay tours begin but it is also the muscle and brains behind the international exhibition. For 24 springs, working together like a well-oiled machine, the nonprofit group has brought a collection of some of the best contemporary ceramic art together for the community of Lincoln and visitors from several states and countries who enjoy touring the historic Gladding, McBean factory as well as seeing and purchasing the artworks. Through grants, corporate and individual donations, and a lot of hard work by more than 100 volunteers, the exhibition becomes a reality. For a month, docent-led tour groups climb on buses, an antique fire engine and a tram (for those with mobility problems), bound for the factory a block away, where they marvel at what a small town with a lot of energetic and dedicated folks can do. Parking is plentiful around the gallery and a gift shop. The gallery and gift shop, which features Gladding, McBean and Feats souvenirs, books, videos and a wide selection of work by local artists, is available to browse through before or after the tours. If you happen to be in town any Wednesday through Sunday, between May 4 and May 30, and decide on the spur of the moment to take a tour, check in at the gallery. Some days, tours are not fully booked. It is best, however, to avoid disappointment, by making reservations ahead of time by calling the gallery at 645-9713.