Lincoln Area Archives Museum a gem

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I recently visited relatives in Lincoln. Back in the ‘30s ‘40s and ‘50s, my grandparents, Angele and Dosite Paillex, lived on Fruitvale Road. They emigrated from France through Ellis Island many years earlier. I lived up in Yuba City and visited often as a young boy. My cousin, Sue Carlson, and her husband, Bob, took me to visit the Lincoln Area Archives Museum (LAAM). This is a wonderful place, full of memorabilia and history of Lincoln. I looked at the 1935 high school yearbook and found my parents, Robert (Butch) Paillex and Clyda E. Griggs. I was overwhelmed, to say the least. My uncle and aunt, John C. (Jack) and Ruth Griggs, were lifelong residents of Lincoln. He was my hero as he piloted B-17s in World War II and survived 35 missions over Germany. He’s the reason I joined the Air Force. I was also informed that the future of the Lincoln Area Archives Museum is in doubt. I cannot imagine how the city of Lincoln could do anything but expand and fund this great endeavor. Lincoln is a truly historic place in Placer County and California. Any city would be honored and proud to have a history and museum such as this. A great deal of my heritage is here in Lincoln and I would be devastated to learn that this history could not be maintained. Lincoln, I trust you can find the wherewithal to keep this museum open and functioning in a manner deserving of and befitting your colorful past. If you can’t, shame on you! Col. Gregg Paillex, United States Air Force (Retired), San Antonio