Lights, action and … bugs

By: Shoni Jones,
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The only item more prevalent than the mosquitoes last Saturday in Lincoln was enthusiasm, lights, cameras and action.

Writer/director Chander Mohan, 20 of Lincoln and his Short Media production crew were busy last Saturday putting together “Love Story 2013.” Mohan is a student at The Art Institute of California in Sacramento.

Lincoln homeowner Tilak Chumber graciously allowed the college student crew the use of his home for their production.

I was amazed at the patience the crew displayed. Little aspects such as a clock ticking while the audio crew was testing inside a room or stopping production while an airplane flew overhead because the plane wasn’t in the first scene.

Mohan, a soft-spoken director, seemed to have endless patience as did his crew for close-ups, retakes, scene instructions and lots of hungry mosquitoes.

While I was only there for a few audio tests and the first scene, I look forward to viewing the whole production.

Mohan said he hopes to have everything done by March but copyright concerns may delay the final production until June 2013.

The News Messenger will provide an update on the film in the near future.