Lighthouse should not endorse gambling commerce

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Re: Aug. 25 Lincoln News Messenger, page A5 –”Lighthouse: Big Thanks to Thunder Valley” from Angelas Ponivas, Lighthouse executive director. It was great that your organization received $17,000 for your well-operated charity organization and that you thanked the gambling sources that made it possible. The other side of the coin is every gambling-related dollar has come out of someone’s grocery fund, raised their credit card balance significantly, reduced family recreation, dental care and basic family needs. Indian casinos are not the only source of our gambling issue. Charity bingo, card rooms, race tracks and the state government lottery, to name a few, are part of gambling societal negative impact. Indian and Nevada casinos are by far the biggest and most often used source of gambling impact. Your charity and others need to use great caution glamorizing any gambling income sources. Your article created a negative representation in terms of your community values. Certainly, you need to thank all sources of help. But when you become part of any gambling enterprise as the voice of gambling virtue mixed with your charity thrust, you have loaned your community charity virtue to gambling commerce. There are numerous ways of thanking agencies that help, including gambling casinos, without becoming a trumpet or part of the gambling chorus. The members of the United Auburn Tribe are sincerely interested in helping our community welfare organizations. The professional staff of any casinos is interested only in drawing more gamblers and posing as an asset in the region. Lighthouse charity leaders need to review their gambling endorsement processes and the impact on the issues of gambling. Gambling is here to stay in our community for a long time. But we don’t have to endorse it as a community value that indicates our approval of gambling. JOHN GRINDY, Lincoln