Life in Lincoln … two years and counting

By: Eileen Marks, Special to The News Messenger
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I was driving past the California High School Rodeo this past weekend and noticed that, once again, it was alive with activity. It took me back to early June 2007 and our first trip into Lincoln. My husband had accepted a job at a bio-tec firm in Auburn and the Marks were on the move again. We had spent several days searching for homes in Granite Bay and had yet to find anything that worked. Our house was sold, we were set to close in mid-June and the experience of temporary housing was on the horizon. It was then that I searched a little harder (I was a Realtor at the time) and found Lincoln and Lincoln Hills. On our way to Lincoln, we stopped to eye the location of our temporary housing and passed right by the Galleria Mall. “H’mm,” I said to myself, “this is a pretty nice mall.“ Things were looking up! As we drove down Highway 65 on our way to Lincoln, we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful wide-open space. But what really stuck in my mind was the image of the rodeo stadium with the brand-new retail centers acting as a backdrop. At that moment, I knew that we were on the right path. If you have been reading my column, you know the rest of this part of the story. We found a great home in our wonderful community and fell in love with Lincoln and Lincoln Hills. We moved in on July 5, 2007, the day after our first viewing of the Lincoln 4th of July fireworks display. But what you probably don’t know is that we recently “had been on the move again” a bit more than the average family. It got to be so noticeable that our kids joked we were in the Witness Protection Plan. To dispel any rumors, I can tell you that each move was due to a job transfer. The last six years have been hectic, to say the least. During that time, both of our daughters got married and the weddings were 10 months apart. We were planning the second wedding before we even hosted the first one. During the last six years, we moved three times. This is the first time that we have lived in the same house and the same community for more than two years. That is a lot of packing, unpacking and settling in. I am so glad that things have finally settled down. It took us awhile but we have once again found our hometown and our community. Now it is time to look forward. I look forward to walking into the grocery store and “bumping into” so many friends and acquaintances that my shopping takes twice as long as planned. I look forward to continuing my work and volunteer efforts in the schools, the heart of our community. I look forward to enjoying time with our friends and making many more new friends. I look forward to having to clean out my closets and cabinets instead of unpacking boxes. And I look forward to always finding something new and different to move me forward, right here in Lincoln, a small town with a large heart! Eileen Marks can be reached at