License plate required front and back?

“Ask the DMV” Expert Answers to Common DMV Questions
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Q: I took my behind the wheel driving test recently and failed.  I immediately understood my error and asked if I could take the test again the same day.  The examiner told me I couldn’t and said I would need to schedule another appointment.  I am over 18 years old, so why couldn’t I take another driving test on the same day?


A: Driving tests are scheduled by appointment only so offices can effectively manage their workload and resources.  Additionally, this gives you more time to practice until your next appointment.  Good luck on your next test.  I am confident you will be successful. Remember to Save Time! Go Online! and make your appointment at


Q. I have a new Corvette and have not put plates on the front.  How can I get an exemption from the law that requires two plates (front and back) on all vehicles?  If I was to get a ticket, how much would it cost me?


A. I’m sorry to tell you but there is no exemption to the requirement that your vehicle must display both a front and rear license plate.  California Vehicle Code Section 5200 requires two license plates. You will have to check with the court regarding the amount of the fine. A license plate bracket is available from the dealer that sold you the vehicle.  California Vehicle Code Section 11713.17 requires the manufacturer to provide a license plate bracket. For more information regarding this code, please visit



Q: My grandmother just received her disabled persons placard, but is unsure as to where she is able to park. Are the spaces marked with the handicap sign the only spaces she is allowed to park?


A: Your grandmother would be able to park in spaces marked with the handicap sign as well as blue curbs authorized for handicap parking. Additionally, she is able to park at green curbs for as long as she would like and in metered spots at no charge.


For more information about the privileges of having a disabled persons placard, please visit, Save Time. Go Online. It’s safe, secure and convenient!



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