Library needs better signage, parking

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I am new to Sun City so I am exploring all of the attractions in the area. The Lincoln library was of particular interest to me because of the design. When I tried to go into the building, I discovered several disturbing things. First of all it has very limited hours. Secondly, it is very hard to get into. From the main parking lot, it is more than 400 feet to the entrance, which can not be seen from the street. You need a map to get into and out of the this lot, too. On my first visit, I got there and it was closed. All that walking for nothing. On my second visit, I thought I would try the parking lot in the rear. To get to it, you have to go all the way to the end of the boulevard. Why can’t there be an opening halfway down the street to go directly into the parking lot? Here are some ideas to make going to the library more fun and inviting for everyone to enjoy How about a sign with the library hours on the sidewalk to the main entrance? That way, people can save a trip to the main entrance and not be disappointed when it is closed. What about handicapped people? Yes, there are parking spaces but they are too far away for people with walking disabilities. What were the people who funded and designed this building thinking? Whoever designed this beautiful building had other things on their agenda and they were not those of the library patrons. John Marin, Lincoln