Letter writer should not have badmouthed restaurant

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I recently read the letter that Bonnie Caps had sent into the News Messenger. Bonnie, when you walked in, did you immediately leave or did you continue to eat and be a hypocrite? Have you eaten a hamburger, BBQ chicken or a nice piece of steak? What part of Kim's Country Kitchen did you not understand when you read the sign on the building? I find it very offensive that you would even send this letter in. My husband and I both hunt and find people like you very ignorant. Kim is a very hardworking woman and a strong supporter of our community, how dare you try to ruin her reputation because you don't agree with something on her wall. Did you receive bad service? What about the food? Was it bad? I have eaten there many times and I would have to say no. You should have finished your meal and never went back, but inside you decided to bad mouth a very hardworking woman. The only person you made look tacky through all this is yourself. Christa Furniss, Lincoln