Letter writer apologizes to Tenborg

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It was not my intent to bring embarrassment or undue attention to the young lady who whose front page image was the impetus for my letter to the editor. If my letter did bring embarrassment or undue attention, I apologize. As far as apologizing to all the female students at LHS, I'll do it in this way. As an adult in this community, I apologize for not bringing the issue of exposed cleavage at Lincoln high School to the attention of the public sooner. As a citizen concerned with the return on the dollar in our public schools, as a parent concerned with the welfare of young teenage girls, as a parent of two boys who is troubled by the lack of academic achievement of boys, I apologize to everyone victimized by the lack of concern for modest clothing requirements in our public schools. I have brought this issue to the attention of the community in my letters to the editor. I have emailed my concerns to the Superintendent, the Principal and each of the school board members. If nothing changes at LHS, it won't be because of my silence. Donald Stewart, Lincoln