Let's have a real congressional candidates? forum

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I was disappointed to learn that our Congressman, Tom McClintock, declined to participate in a candidates? forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters and scheduled on Wednesday, May 2 in Placerville. Although I live in Lincoln, Placerville was the closest venue where Mr. McClintock and his challenger, Jack Uppal were scheduled to meet. I would have gladly made the trip. I have heard Congressman McClintock speak at three town hall meetings but questions in those venues all seem to come from friends and supporters and the atmosphere is more like a political rally than a serious discussion of the many problems our district and nation face now. The public would benefit from, and deserves to see, Mr. McClintock responding to questions alongside his opponent, Jack Uppal. We need to know how the two men answer some of the hard questions we face. How would each man help bring good jobs to our unemployed? How can we reduce the national debt so our children and grandchildren will not be overburdened? How can we secure Medicare and Social Security so that these programs are there for us now and in the future? How can the rate of real estate foreclosures be reversed? I also wonder if the Auburn Journal and other foothill papers will be asking the same questions of these two candidates in the future so readers will have an opportunity to compare their responses. The public deserves a side-by-side comparison of the men who would represent us in Congress at this critical time in our history. Doug Stark, Lincoln