Let’s support Lincoln businesses

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It seems that marketing the highlights of Lincoln is the way to go. We have wonderful businesses. Just walk around and you will find all kinds of things to see and do in downtown Lincoln. I enjoy providing two- and three-hour walking and driving tours of our wonderful city to friends who are interested, often starting or ending at the Lincoln Area Archives Museum followed by lunch at one of our local restaurants. It is also encouraging that two businesses are expanding, Panaderia Michoacana and Old Town Pizza, and now the Knee Deep Brewing Company is moving into Beerman’s with the possibility of some restaurants looking into using the building as well. The Rogers Family Coffee Company employs 90 employees and has plans of expanding, and Wal Mart’s coming to town as well, and Firestone Tires has come to Lincoln, Pete's has re-opened in Twelve Bridges, and Walgreen's is just about ready to open. In Twelve Bridges, one of the developers has begun building new houses and I think I saw development beginning again in the Lincoln Crossings and Foskett Ranch areas. I would like to add that I did all my Christmas shopping in Lincoln for the last two Christmases, and last week we bought a computer and software from Staples. The people were friendly and they said they would even match prices if we found it cheaper somewhere else. We need to promote and support ALL our businesses. How wonderful of the community to insure that our excellent Lincoln High School Choir will perform at the Carnegie. There are so many community service agencies in Lincoln, I wonder if anyone has counted. Surely, we are a community that cares about each other. Thank you for keeping us informed. Keep up the good work. Fran Neves, Lincoln